Now accepting referrals for adults and adolescents in need of inpatient services!

At Quail Run, we have a team of professionals working together to support the process of discovering hope and inspiration while undertaking the necessary steps to progress toward wellness.

Our inpatient programs offer a safe, structured, and nurturing environment.   Our treatment team assesses the needs of each individual and creates a treatment plan aimed at achieving increased stabilization.  Discharge planning starts on the day of admission with the goal of cultivating support systems that contribute to continued success.  We are currently accepting referrals for both our inpatient adult unit and our inpatient adolescent unit.  We continue to expand our capacity to meet the community needs.  If you or someone you know is in need of an assessment, please contact our Intake and Assessment team for a no-cost assessment.

For 24-hour assistance, call 602-455-5694
For general information, call 602-455-5700 or 844-772-7771 Toll Free